arteKatie crafting story

Welcome my dear Visitors :))))

My name is Katarzyna Prasolek (Kasia, Kate, Katie whatever you prefer!),

arteKatie this is my nickname in crafting world.


I would like to share with you my passion. Passion for crafting and creating mostly cards but much, much more – maybe useless, but so lovely – things. This is true that the manner of sending something real and tangible to people we like or love is not in use nowadays. But it’s only on our shoulders if this tradition will survive or die.

I guess artistic soul was a gift from heavens, because I was born with true love for crayons colouring all story books since I was 3! Through the whole primary school I attended every art sessions, mostly paintings oriented. But I didn’t like the tutor was forcing us to paint in some style when I wanted to do it differently so this is how my crafting adventure began.

In the last class of primary school long, long time ago I started making Christmas cards for my family using natural products that my mum had in the kitchen like coffee beans and corn. Those cards were also part of charity auction at my school and have been bought for hight price. Beside this I had couple of interviews in local press as a young spotlighted hand-crafter.


This success motivate me to develop my creativity but my parents didn’t agree for art school, so I continue crafting for friends and to the wardrobe. Fortunately there was a wedding time in my family so I gathered all flowers, ribbons and others wedding decorations to reuse on my cards. Few big boxes full of joy! Because my high school was very after-school-activities oriented I had this pleasure to present my cards on every school events and even parents meetings when my art was very warm welcomed.

Then university time was a time of organising art sessions for kids and teenagers and creating mostly invitations for friend’s weddings and I stopped for a while focusing on adult, independent life. My only few moments of crafting was disrupted by lovely cats, who has like me I think natural love for ribbons, paper and colours 😉

 IMG_9127 11076252_1000507133306306_4159001840956812024_n

IMG_5159 IMG_5316

In 2013 we moved to UK and I started again. I told to my partner straight “I can go abroad, but I am taking all my crafting stuff” 🙂 I started setting up personal blog just to improve written English, first just with old cards I took with me, I know I am to sentimental. I am trying now to find my style again, because cardmaking has changed a lot for 15 years. Before punchers was a dream, now I do have plenty die cuts in my stash. I put on the site a bit the natural components, but I still love to go back to my natural dried flowers from my grandmothers garden or from polish forests (during mushroom searching with my dad) or flowers from coffee beans or pumpkin seeds. So sentimental…

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

In 2014 I started to take part in crafting challenges with a lot of successes so far 🙂

In February 2015 I become a Design Team Member of Craft Your Passion Challenge Blog and in May 2015 I have been so lucky to join PINspirational Challenges Design Team :)) My big dream is to have a separate crafting room that I can set up and don’t clean at all having everything on hand 😀

Personally I’m a happy girlfriend, owner of two cats who love when I create and League of Legends/ Minecraft gamer. I have a keen interest also in baking and cake decorating, painting, jewellery making. My cards are always with story behind, inspired by life, nature or/and my friends.

So, People! Don’t let me make this card only for myself and don’t let my cards always stay in boxes 😉 If You need something for some special occasion, special time, for special people – contact me. No fear 😉

Welcome & enjoy! 🙂



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