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Few days ago I watched a lot of tutorials for card making. I thought that maybe I need more knowledge about my passion, maybe a bit more professionalism. Especially Americans have a lot of stuff to make “hand-made” cards – cutters, cuttle-bug machines, punchers, dusts, stickers and stamps… Oh my god! Really, amazing stuff. Very expensive by the way. If you have enough money you can create everything you wish. Cards made this technique are really amazing. When you compare those American cards with this of mine, unfortunately I think I will not win this contest…

Sounds sad??? It’s just first impression, how wrong impression 😉 Why?

My passion to making cards was created generally from collecting rubbish 15 years ago. Yeah!

All those years I collected every unwanted things starting from decoration present bag, toilet rolls, old newspapers, candy wrappers, through remnants of fabrics & curtains from my mother’s sewing activity, finally ending on leavings after all weddings in my family (especially ribbons from flower bouquets) or any sort plants & leaves from our neighbour’s garden. After that it was pleasure for me to go for a summer walk to the nearest fields or forest to find more plants, straws, leaves, everything. Or went to the forest in autumn with my dad for searching forest’s mushrooms, but I have just collected autumn, colourful leaves or little cones instead of mushrooms…I have spoiled a lot of my (sometimes favourites) book by drying plants and leaves inside, that’s true.

One day I have stolen from my mom’s kitchen bow shapes pasta to decorate my flower bouquet. Another time I stole coffee seeds to make a little, intensive fragrant flowers.

The most pleasurable memory from our first summer holiday on Baltic Sea in 2011 is that we was going there at the end of summer season and every shop had sales. I could buy a lot of artificial jewellery for a penny.  Sometimes my collection has to wait for long time to be used, but the effect is unbelievable in the end 😉 To be honest – I dislike going at the seaside, it’s boring but after this  I am looking forward to go back there. And collect some more shells.

I remember words used by my dad during our way back home from Mazovia (our family area): “Kate, you are totally freak”. What the hell, you may ask. I saw a field all in growing cereals I had an idea for card with this! My dad stopped the car, got out of it and helped me collecting cereals. It was probably wheat, I’m not sure, but looked lovely.

oh my… I have tones of beautiful memories!

To the point! After a while of thinking about my 15 years of collecting my stuff I don’t regret that the professional tools are to expensive for me. It’s not a big deal have to costly stuff, cut three or four pieces and put them together. It looks nice, but it doesn’t impress me.

 I have my own, unique workshops and technique for card making. It includes natural products and recyclable materials.

Yes, my cards are eco friendly. You will not find it anywhere else!!!

This is my style!


Bez nazwy

Natural collection is approaching!!!


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