Happy New Year!

This will be boring 2013′ overview – I know – but I had a lot things worth to remember about this website.

And as far as I don’t believe in statistics it’s always worth to do some. Just to remember.


The website was born 14.03.2013. Let say it was my birthday present for myself πŸ˜‰

You could find here 148 posts in 28 categories (I will work more on that, promise) with 17 comments.

There were 3176 views, average 11 per day. You were visiting this site the most in April (611). Wow.

And there were only single days when you didn’t visit this blog. WoW!

Website had 289 different visitors from (in the order of numbers of visits) Poland, United Kingdom, United States, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Germany, India, Romania, Switzerland, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Australia, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Portugal, Montenegro, South Africa and Slovenia. WOW!!! As far as I can guess who was visiting me from some of this countries I have really no idea where on the map are some of above-mentioned counties (yet) πŸ˜‰


There were 42 cards sold with 13 special orders and I still have 3 boxes full of cards πŸ˜‰

I will not even count money I have spent for materials and tools… and ideas I have for new cards for a New Year! πŸ˜€

I definitely must to participate in the crafts events more often and promote my ‘arts’ more and more.

This is the New Year’s resolution, oh yes. Do not let your job to kill your dreams and passions, never!!!


If you are in this place still with me I have for you a new year’s contest to appreciate all your support:

I have three cards for first three people who will leave a comments under their favourite card from 2013!

No tips, sorry… Three, two, one…. Happy New Year!



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