red-blue friends stars

When I’ve seen this red-blue colour challenge I’ve already known I will create the card with a blue stars.

Why blue stars? Reason is very simple. I bought a small foamy letters few months ago and because they were in bright orange, pink, green and yellow colours they were perfectly matched with my pink and green star-shape erasers which a bought much, much longer time ago.

I have this stars in blue as well, but I had no concept for this colour. So they stayed alone in the box.

Till now 🙂


Friends are like the stars in our life. Giving us hope and light up our way in the darkness.

They should get stars for all they have done for us, true?

To know how much we appreciate their participation in our life.



Participating with this card in two challenges:

1.”Colour challenge” with ColourQ 


2. “Challenge with red colour” with Digi-scrap again


I decided to join this challenge again with something else because the love cards with red are really boring, really. No one forbid us to celebrate Valentines with our friends, who we love obviously with all our hearts, unconditionally and sometimes more than our relatives. And because there are different faces of love, true? 😉


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