sentimental journey

This is my first card with using embossing and I definitely like it! Need to buy more 😀

There is a very long & sentimental story behind, but this I will keep in my heart.


If you have in your life someone who you can speak through songs with and you don’t need to explain everything because this person just understand you – you are very lucky! 😉

Words from Jacek Lech’s song, very old polish song which you can hear right >here<

Card is going to be sent to the receipient and for three challenges:

1. Retromania in RetroCraftShop 

Retromania 1 baner

2. “Literowe wyzwanie Frezjii” in Projekt Wagi Ciężkiej 


3. “Kartki – zainspiruj nas” in Szuflada


ps. just to make a short explanation why I would like to join with this card – I think all possible to do in card making was done and there is a lot of better crafters than me having more professional stuff, but what was inspiring me with this challenge it was name of your shop. “Szuflada” can means a very old, wooden and dusty place, sometimes forgotten, used as a storage for thing we use very, very rare. That’s why I join with vintage style card with the sentence about not forgetting. Hope you will like it 🙂


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