yummy plum recycling card

Purple (plum) yummy card! 🙂


velvety big rose from my old winter hut and buttons from my old shirt – not in the same colour, but matches anyway.


and ecru cotton ribbon from old table serviette, from my grandmother’s house as well.


 Inspired by photo from challenge “Gdzie Kucharek szesc cz.IV” in Galeria Rae



Omg, I miss so much this polish “ciasto drozdzowe ze sliwkami i kuszonka” (sorry, you can not translate this :/) made by my grandmother always when we went for summer holidays to her… Reminds me a summer freshness, happiness & sweetness.

And as it contains a lot of parts from recycling (old items) is also perfect for the “recycling challenge” in Projekt Wagi Ciezkiej


And why not to send this to Przysiadowo for a “Koronka” challenge


It was not planned but end up very well 😉


2 thoughts on “yummy plum recycling card

  1. super! mi sie najbardziej podoba to ostatnie zdjecie z ciachem…..alez mam slabosc do slodyczy, ahahah :DD dzieki za udzial w naszej zabawie na blogu PWC 🙂

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