sunny cats friends

That’s so nice when we have friend who have the same believes as we, isn’t it? 🙂

That’s why I created this card. In sunny colours as was a rainy  and grey day in London today.

  thankyou-zolte koty-1c

Card based on a sketch from challenge in Lets Get Sketchy

99999 (1)

thankyou-zolte koty-1d

First time of using this quite expensive wooden frames, which I was scared to use before…

thankyou-zolte koty-1a

thankyou-zolte koty-1b

That’s funny because this bright yellow is like sun but I used moon and stars for this card which is perfect composition I think!

I entered this card also in the following challenges:

1. ‘Frame’ challenge in Craft Szafa


2. ‘Cats’ challenge in Scrapgangsterki

Btw. There is more cat’s die cuts ordered, coming Tuesday I hope 😉

3. “Colours” challenge in CraftBar

logo na tle na bloga


4. “stretch it” challenge in Stamp Away With Me about going out of your standard box

5. “Cat” challenge in Scrapowy Pas Startowy



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