funny spring frogs

That’s kinda tricky to make a spring card without flowers when it’s so obvious means all the flowers are bringing up to life and grow up. But you just need to thing a more big deeper, because the same process happens to all creatures and animals 😉

So to show you the spring without flowers I decided to use very springy yellow and green with funny frogs, as we can see a lot of frogs making a lot of noises when you are next to the water, doesn’t matter where the water is. And butterflies are flying everywhere, especially the ‘citron’ one.

And after all it’s reminds me going for fishing with my dad when I was young 😉

Trying to catch the frog instead a fish, because it was easier ;p

b74-wiosenne zabki

I entered this card in the following challenges:

1. “Spring without flowers” in Kwiat Dolnoslaski

2. “Bingo” challenge in Craft- szafa  I choose horizontal bottom lane: embossing, butterfly & lace

Crap, I was to late to add my project to this challenge, but I will leave it here

3. “Girly things” in Cinspirations as I believe yellow colour and frogs are not really men’s things 😉

4. “Anything goes” in Word at Wednesday


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