something crazy different

Good Morning Saturday!

I’ve found this russian crafting challenge blog today by accident and saw there  “headgear” photo challenge.

I thought about my picture in huge mexican hut from last year holidays in Mallorca, but in the meantime have found something definitely better and more fun (at least for me hihi) ;p from last year christmast gift’s searching.

 drach w czapce

Good for summer in Siberia or so 🙂

For “headgear” photo challenge in Kafe Scrapo Mama



One thought on “something crazy different

  1. Веселая и “теплая” фотографи! 🙂
    Спасибо, что присоединились к заданию по фотографии блога “Кафе Скрапо Мама”!

    Заходите в гости и в наш новый фотоблог ”Я – фотограф!”
    Думаю, найдете там много интересного для себя 😉

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