welcome home

Very universal card, for plenty occasions from ‘our son brake up and is going back home’, ‘your husband-solider is coming back from long delegation’, ‘your friend is coming back from 6 month mission from Africa’, ‘coming back from long staying in hospital’ till ‘baby arrival’ even and ‘buying new home’ maybe.

Home is where our heart is, that’s completely true.  You know what I mean.

You do not need to have awesome castle to feel good and happy.

You just need awesome people who will welcome you warm no matter how long you haven’t been there and from which journey you are just coming back. Maybe the fact that I had just booked my flight home for October was only coincidence, but… 😉


I remember once someone asked me for card on the occasion for buying or building new house.


Entered this card for fallowing challenges:

1. “Anything goeas – Sketch” in Carabbie Moments of Craft / Creative Moments



2. “Home is where your heart is” in City Crafter Challenge Blog


3. “Colours” challenge in Stempell i Kartoon

10 lipiec SK (1)

4. “Photo inspiration” in Scrapbook Boutique News


freaky but your background inspire me the most


6 thoughts on “welcome home

  1. I love the sparkle Kate and such a beautiful sentiment with wide appeal. Great to see your card in our Scrapbook Boutique challenge.

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