cozy time

sto-lat-zielono brazowa z misiem

sto-lat-1b-zielono brazowa z misiem

sto-lat-1f-zielono brazowa z misiem

sto-lat-1e-zielono brazowa z misiem

sto-lat-1d-zielono brazowa z misiem

sto-lat-1c-zielono brazowa z misiem

For fallowing challenges:

1. “Cozy time – czas przytulanek” in Pracownia Rekodziela SZOK


2. “Colour challenge: brown, beige and green” in Sketchy Colors


3. “Mapka” in Digi Scrap

Mapka - Puchilinka


4. “Vintage” challenge in Paper Players



5 thoughts on “cozy time

  1. Great work with great colors, love the little bear.
    Thank you for participating in Sketchy Colors, good luck.
    hugs Monica

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