Surprising joker ghost

I promised last year I will present more cards with using glowing nail varnish ;))



A ghost looking like Joker Smurf who was all the time making exploding surprises for everyone 😉

This look wasn’t intentional but I like the way that my stuff surprise my sometimes 😉

It looks like just waiting you open this present and everything around explodes! No worries 😉


But there really is surprise for you, just put some light on and turn all light off 😉


See? Cool 😉

Last Haloween card this year especially for

1. “Haloween” challenge in Craft Szafa

 2. “3 embellishments or more” challenge in Fab ‘N Funky

we do have here: wooden gift, doily, paper scraps

3. “Man of my life” in The Paper Shelter

perfect card for son, isnt’t it?

4. “Anything goes” in Inspiration Destination


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