autumn teddy bear

Have I ever told you this bear story from my English classes?

On one of our weekly tests there was a question “What would you do if you would see a bear?”

And my answer was “If I would see a beer I would climb to the tree” buahahahahaha 😀

I am not a big fan of beer, true, but it’s not that bad ;p

Anyway, I have got a point for this answer ;p

And now to the point (not pint ;p) – a teddy bear card stacked in autumn 🙂

jesienny mis1

jesienny mis1a

jesienny mis1b

For fallowing challenges:

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Makowe Pole wyzwanie baner

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SOS badge

5. “Blue flowers” in Scrap Kafe mama

banner-task-КСМ синие цветы


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