warming winter tea

Well, what a day. There are a few stories and few different questions with the same answer ;p


First. It was the coldest day in London this year, so far. Awfully windy. Rain a bit. Grey and cold. Favourite weather conditions to walk home from city centre, lol. But then the most awesome thing when we rich home was a cup of tea made for me, to warm me up 😉


Second. My old, old friend find me on Facebook today. She is younger than me but already marriage and with lovely kid. I recall old times when I was babysitter of her and I am still not married, no kids, no cats, hm…. I am getting older and older… And the best for old people is? Exactly 😉


Third. Another friend of mine has a website and fanpage about tea which I really like because I am a tea lover in general and I stole this smiling cup picture from her and I had this idea just when I saw this picture first time 1st October 2014 and I told straight there will be a card with this cup 🙂

Fourth and last one. My awesome warming tea recipe – Very big cup, Lipton granulated tea, not to much sugar, raspberry and rose syrup, slice of lemon, slice of orange. Reminds me old, good studying times. Stir and enjoy! 😉






For following challenges: 

1. “Colours” in Cupcake Inspiration

2. “Sketch” in Sweet Sketch Wednesday

3. “Przepis na Herbate” in Art-Piaskownica

4. “Use a doily” in Crafters Cafe Blog Challenge

5. “Lots of layers” in Sentimental Sundays


4 thoughts on “warming winter tea

  1. Mmmmmm. now your have me wanting a hot cup of tea! Love the sound of your recipe. And yes, it must be a very large mug!!! Such a sweet card. Thanks for joining us this week at Sweet Sketch Wednesday 2.


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