pears in red wine – perfect winter hot dessert

Long time, hm? Well, now I am in cooking mode ;p

I am not big fan of Christmas cooking and baking craziness like it is in Polish tradition, especially now when we try (hard!) to cut off a bit calories (no comments, no comments ;p). To be honest I am not big fan of Christmas at all, especially without snow, with rain instead. But at least is not freezing cold 😉

And we have mulled wine 😀

and my favourite mulled ciders :D:D

and this awesome pears marinated in red wine :D:D:D

my 😀 home made :D:D:D

gruszki w winie -1c

I made them during summer, but this is not a problem regarding pear’s availability during entire year.

My grandmother use to say that the marinated products are the better the longer they stay in jar, haha ;p

So I decider today 4 months will be enough to try and it was brilliant choice 😉

  gruszki w winie -1b

Pears were delicate and with smell of wine, not to much vinegar this time, awesome.

Just take as much as you want, pour a bit of brine as well, add fresh orange juice and table spoon of sugar and heat on very small gas to let the wine evaporate and condense, stir a bit to not burn it. Took me maybe 20 minutes to make it and this is the result:

gruszki w winie -1

Should be dark melted chocolate, but I couldn’t wait haha ;p next time 😉

gruszki w winie -1a

Was really warm, not to sweet, delicious and delicate, melting in mouth 😉

Strongly recommended for winter 😉

Bon apetite!


Recipe, well…. I never follow recipe if you mean amount of products ;p That’s why my old recipe is not up to date anymore :/ This time for two jars as on first picture I used:

* Peeled pears (around 1.5kg),

* bottle of semi dry red wine (have no idea how much, but wine need to be 3/4 of whole brine volume),

* white vinegar (the same as above, good to be 1/4 of whole brine volume),

* sugar – well, add first 100g, stir and try if your brine is sweet enough or you need to add more, it is always better to add less first and add more after if needed 😉

add to every jar as well:

* peel of oranges

* cinnamon bark

* few cloves

*few seeds of allspiece

* few seeds of black pepper

* bay leaf one or two


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