Christmas Makers Market at Husk, 22.11.2014

Christmas Makers Market at Husk, the creative place right next to my house.

Took place on Saturday, 22.11.2014.



I invest some money to buy a card holders and cork board to pin the cards and put behind me to use the space as effective as I could. Usually on markets only small tables are provided, so that was definitely good idea 🙂


Cork board is big in general but to small to all my cards, so this time I’ve decided to pin there a birthday cards.


Christmas pasta card were the most popular and the most admired 🙂


I had as well a rainbow collection of simply Christmas Cards too, I really love them! 🙂



That was a definitely good spot and good event too 🙂 I have been prepared this time with more boy’s card that it turned out that few people were looking for Man’s cards instead.




The only thing I am disappointed about is the vintage cards holders are so weak and delicacy. Maybe they could be good for small light card, but definitely not for the square ones. They are great because of size, so they can stay in front of stall, but they are empty in the bottom so are very light and were flying away with every passing by a customer. So it makes me a lot of troubles, but at least I kept myself busy 🙂


More Man’s cards, see you next time Husk! 🙂


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