Makers Market at St. Margaret’s House, 13.12.2014

That was such a lovely and nice time spent with very lovely and creative people around 🙂

Christmas Makers Market took place on Saturday, 13.12.2015 at St. Margaret’s House.

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-a-

I am proud of my stall more and more with every event 🙂

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-f-

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-b-

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-c-

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-d-

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-k-

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-e-

There was also a some small christmas sale 🙂

 makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-g-

And I need to admit I did not expect so many visitors, but even went very well 🙂

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-i-

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-j-

And at the end I made a little gifts to the organisators as they will have a lottery right before Christmas.

makers-market-st.margaret house-13.12.2014-h-

Another thing I notice to improve my service is that I should organise small carry bags for bought cards and there is already an idea how to design them. Then just a lot of time to prepare everything in a professional way and let’s go 🙂


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