birthday treats

Was couple of months ago, but it is so nice to have great memories and still enjoy them after time 🙂

Let me present some of my birthday party treats 🙂

Kasia birthday treats - 1i

Kasia birthday treats - 1f

It was a delicious fruity-rainbow sponge cake with a vegetarian jelly, because of our Indian guests. Unfortunately I couldn’t find different colour of jelly and all rainbow effect disappeared, for our luck taste stuck with a cake.  But anyway we prefer normal jelly – is more thick and smooth 🙂

Kasia birthday treats - 1c

Kasia birthday treats - 1b

Kasia birthday treats - 1g

I have also made a yoghurt filling, which was very nice, fresh and creamy, but it took to long to make it solidified enough so the cake was the best 2 days after our little celebration ;p And with those two parts the top was to heavy to put it after on the bottom, so as a result it hadn’t look nice.

Kasia birthday treats - 1e

My beloved husband make his special :D:D:D

We called this pastry “English doughnuts”, made with white soft cheese, ate when still hot hmmmmm delicious 😀

Kasia birthday treats - 1a

Strawberries in chocolate, delicious and very fresh and my new invention grapes-worms :))

Kasia birthday treats - 1d

and on the end something spicy special for Indian guest – hot chilli peepers in chocolate 🙂

Kasia birthday treats - 1h

See you next year folks :))


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